SII committed to a sustainable future

On the occasion of the European Sustainable Development Week and the 5 years of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the SII Group is proud to present, through its CSR Brochure, its commitment to a sustainable future.


Corporate Social Responsibility approach

At SII, we are convinced that digital technology is a source of opportunities and progress, but also that it is a key lever for meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow. This is why we are committed to giving meaning to our businesses and expertise, in order to contribute at our level to the sustainable transformation of our ecosystems.

The ambitions of our Corporate Social Responsibility, combined with our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, constantly challenge us to drive innovative practices that are a source of sustainable value.

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For us, our social, environmental and economic advances are only the first part of our goals, the second part being to maintain these advances into the future.


SII Group has looked at its non-financial issues in the light of these major goals making it possible to identify 10 Sustainable Development Goals to which the group makes a significant contribution. Because, as a player in the digital transformation established in 18 countries around the world, the SII group participates directly in the socio-economic development of the territories in which it operates.


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