All economic sectors are impacted by the growing share of software in products and services and by digital transformation that affects both business models and internal processes.

Starting from this reality SII can intervene in all economic sectors, whether industrial or tertiary, and primarily where the share of "software inside" is predominant.
And this is how SII operates today in a number of areas with 3 leading and strategic industries, Aerospace / Defence, Telecoms, Banking and Insurance but also intervenes in Energy and Utilities, Retail, Transport, Health and Services in the broadest sense of the term.

Secteur Aéronautique Spatial DéfenseAerospace, Defence

In the aerospace sector, digitalization is disrupting traditional models of aircraft development and manufacture. Actors have to face a number of challenges, such as the question of the necessary acceleration of production or the creation of new services based on the massive use of data collected by these actors. New approaches and activities using new skills are therefore needed.

Global security concerns and related investments are becoming critical issues for Defence and Space actors. Along with changing customer needs, such as cyber-attack protection, or the emergence of non-traditional competitors, these developments are putting enormous pressure on players in the global Defence and Space value chain. 

SII supports the major european players in the Aerospace and Defence industries in all their technological and geographical challenges, develops distinctive skills such as certification capacity (DOA), or, due to the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), the transformation of airplanes into cargo aircrafts. 

Secteur TélécomsTelecoms

5G, fiber, OTT services, the expected promise of the IOT are the major challenges for Telecom Operators in the coming years and beyond infrastructures it is the world of software applications and services offering new sources of revenue which is a priority.

SII supports Telecom operators both in France and internationally on all operations and infrastructure optimization activities as well as on new services offering added value with a strong software component.

Banques, assurancesBanking and Insurance

The financial industry faces three major challenges: binding regulation, reduced profitability and increased competition. Digital technology should enable customers to be more loyal through a renewed, simpler, more direct experience and to optimize internal efficiency by automating internal processes that are still often paper or not integrated. And all this while ensuring regulatory and cyber security at all times. 

SII supports the most institutional financial institutions but also the most agile and digital banks with more than 1500 employees in France and abroad.