This site uses 2 types of cookies, both exempt of consent collection.


Consent choices cookies

These cookies allow you to save your choice of cookie consent.

Cookie name Purpose Expiration
cookie-agreed Saves your cookie consent choices. 1 month
cookie-agreed-categories Saves your categories cookie consent choices. 1 month



Audience measurement cookie

The only purpose of theses cookies is to measure the site audience. They do not allow to track you across other websites.
The audience measurement is mandatory to the administration of the site. It allows to identify problems : pages not found, content indexation error, less appreciated contents...

Cookie name Purpose Expiration
matomo_ignore Used to disable Matomo measurement. 24 months
_pk_id.xxxx Used to store the unique visitor ID (if Matomo measurement is enabled) 13 months
_pk_ref.xxxx Used to store the referrer initially used to visit the website (if Matomo measurement is enabled) 6 months
_pk_ses.xxxx Used to temporarily store data for the visit (if Matomo measurement is enabled) 30 minutes


Audience statistics are produced with Matomo (open source web analytics platform) and are :

  • Anonymous,
  • Intended for SII Group only (not shared with a third party company),
  • Hosted in France,
  • Deleted after 25 months.