The SII engineering consulting group has released its revenue figures for the third quarter of fiscal 2019/2020.

Management board chairman Eric Matteucci commented that: «The dynamic first half growth of the SII group continued, resulting in revenue of €499.46m for the first three quarters'. SII group global performance was again good in the third quarter. Business was driven internationally thanks to the Group's geographic diversification strategy. SII group growth remains in line with its development program. We are therefore confident of meeting our announced annual targets.»

Q3 revenue 2019/2020

Dynamic teams and client confidence allowed the SII group revenue to post three quarter revenue of €499.46m (+8.9%). Growth continues both in France and internationally with revenue up 4.3% and 14.2%. Third quarter revenue was €173.56m, a rise of 6.3% year on year.

Business driven growth in the first three quarters

SII group revenue in France was €258.43m in the first three quarters of the fiscal year (+4.3%). Final quarter business produced revenue totaling €89.23m (-0.7% on Q3 2018-2019). The business environment for the sector in France, combined by one less billing day than in the previous period, impacted business but did not compromise the Group's global prospects.

Growth also continued internationally to generate €241.03m in revenue (+14.2% on the first three quarters 2019-2020). Business over the quarter rose 14.8% year on year to €84.32m thanks to strong business in: Poland (+24.4%), Romania (+30.6%), Chile (+35.0%), Canada (+39.9%), Morocco (+19.7%) and Colombia (+14.7%). Germany stabilized over the quarter (+1%) but there was a decline in Spain (-4.8%), the Netherlands (-7.5%), Czech Republic (-13.9%) and Belgium (-19.5%).

Outlook for fiscal 2019-2020

Considering the business and financial performance of the first nine months, the SII Group specifies its objectives for 2019-2020:

  • A revenue of between €685 million and €695 million, representing 8.5 to 10% growth;
  • An increase in operating profit of the same rate.

Attachement: Revenue by quarter

Attachment Q3 revenue 2019/2020

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Q3 Revenue 2019/2020
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