The SII engineering consulting group has released its revenue figures for the first quarter of fiscal 2019-2020.

Management board chairman Eric MATTEUCCI commented that:« In line with the previous fiscal year, revenue increased sharply in the first quarter of fiscal 2019-2020, reflecting the expansion of our business in France and elsewhere. This performance is in keeping with our objective of growing revenue, which is expected to rise to between 675 and 700 million euros for the year as a whole, a growth of between +7% and +11%.»


Q1 revenue 2019-2020

Revenue at the SII engineering consulting group rose by 10.1 percent to €162.57m in the first quarter of fiscal 2019-2020. This performance follows the same trend as the previous quarter (+10.8%).

Continued sustained growth in France and elsewhere

In France, the SII Group’s revenue rose by 7.0 percent to €85.52m. The improvement for the period was driven by all the main sectors in which the Group operates (aerospace, defence, banking, insurance, energy, transportation).

The SII Group’s international operations rose by 13.9 percent to €77.05m. Poland and Spain have had great performances with respective growth of +23.9 percent (€44.4m) and +6.9 percent (€9.9m). In Germany (-12.7% to €12.4M), industrial activity remains in decline which affects the country's overall performance despite maintaining the R&D activity. The majority of the other markets where the Group is evolving are booming, in particular with Romania (+12.5 percent), Chili (+84.0 percent), Canada (+23.6 percent) and Colombia (+28.1 percent).

Confirmation of guidance for 2019-2020

The first three months of this fiscal year show that business is going in a good direction, allowing the SII group to confirm its revenue objective of between €675 and 700M for the 2019/2020 fiscal year, accompanied by an operational result with the same rate of increase.

Proposed dividend of €0.20 per share

In keeping with the SII Group’s distribution policy and returns to shareholders, the next shareholders’ meeting, scheduled for September 19, 2019, will be asked to approve the payment of a dividend of €0.20 per share.

CA 1e trimestre 2019/2020
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Q1 revenue 2019/2020
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