Investor Day 40 years since we formed, 20 years since we floated

To mark the 40th anniversary of its formation and 20 years since it floated on the stock market, SII Group, which specialises in engineering business lines, held its first Investor Day in Paris on Thursday 17 October. This event was an opportunity to highlight the key aspects of the Group's current and future growth trajectory. 


In 2019, SII Group is celebrating its 40th year, and 20 years since it floated on the stock market. 2019 also
marks a key step for the Group, which has created a new organisational structure, the foundation stone of
its future growth trajectory. Against this backdrop, the Group held its first Investor Day. During this event,
several speakers, including members of the Executive Committee, presented the key aspects of the market,
analysed the Group's unique selling points, and outlined the central tenets of the new organisational
structure. The following topics were discussed:

  • Winning new business. Since 1999, SII Group's revenues have increased by a factor of 20.5, its net
    income by a factor of 12.2, and its valuation by a factor of 7.6. The Group has diversified into new
    sectors, adapting to its customers' needs and market trends. Having been minority business lines at
    the time of the IPO, Aerospace & Defence and Banking, Insurance & Mutuals now account, along
    with Telecoms & Media, for 56% of revenues, illustrating the Group's winning spirit and its ability to
    adapt to key trends. This is also illustrated by its international business, which now generates 42% of
    overall revenues thanksto its presence in 18 countries, just 14 years since its first foreign site opened
    in Poland in 2006; 
  • Evolving in response to its customers. In the space of 40 years, customer's expectations have risen.
    The customers who call on SII Group represent a wider range of countries and business areas, require
    a more varied range of delivery modes, and have more stringent regulatory demands. By adapting to these requirements, the Group has become a multinational, multi-specialism player to help its
    customers meet their strategic challenges;
  • A sense of customer service. Deeply rooted in the Group's DNA is an eagerness to listen to and work
    with its customers to meet their major challenges. In order to enhance its customer service and how
    closely it works with its customers, its Key Account Managers become the points of entry for
    customers in key sectors, operating on a cross-functional basis;
  • A firm focus on consultants. One of the crucial challenges of the ESN sector is to attract, train and
    retain talented individuals. SII has deployed a strong and innovative employer brand: #Fungineer.
    Growing the company's appeal also entails initiatives promoting sharing in-house and with
    customers, and comfortable and stimulating working conditions for staff;
  • Group synergies with the aim, for instance, of harmonising the customer experience. The new
    managerial team has created a Development Department, three Regional Departments in France,
    and three International Departments. These Departments implement and promote geographical
    synergies between the different sites, sector-specific synergies for the mutual enhancement of
    offerings, and business synergies, culminating in the "Factory" model and the FlexShore offer.


Eric Matteucci, Chairman of the Management Board, concluded the event by stating that: "2019 is a symbolic
year for the Group. SII is celebrating its 40th year, and 20 years since it floated. Since 1999, revenues have
increased by a factor of 20.5, its net income by a factor of 12.2, and its valuation by a factor of 7.6. 2019 also
marks the opening of new chapter in the Group's history. SII has restructured to help it achieve its ambitions:
to pursue the Group's development, based on the three tenets at the heart of its model: adaptation, a winning
spirit and trust. SII Group would like to thank its talented employees, its customers and its shareholders for
their trust."

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