Cyril Spanneut, Data Scientist SII Lille has participated in TEDxNantes

Cyril Spanneut, Data Scientist of the Lille agency of the SII Group was one of the speakers of the 1st edition of the TEDxNantes of the 2020 season, which was held last month. He tells us about this experience.

He explains all the preparation for his speech and how he worked on it. 'Demystify AI. In other words, we take the hand to help us understand some basic concepts. From math to my GPS to my morning voice command to listen to my favorite music, how does it all work? Without naivety but without excess of worry either. AI…. what if it wasn't that bad? '

Word to Cyril:

"I am very happy with this edition of TEDxNantes, it went very well. It was a first for me as a Speaker and I really enjoyed the experience! I presented my vision of intelligence artificial to demystify negative beliefs and reassure by showing my daily life as an expert. My role is to have an impact, to get the message across to change visions on AI. We were four fairly complementary speakers A way of presenting AI in different fields (medical, legal, human…).

What impressed me most was the enormous preparation beforehand. From the moment I submitted my subject and it has been validated by TEDxNantes, it was gone for four months of preparation during which I worked with many coaches for up to 15 hours per month.

In 12 minutes you have to succeed in capturing the audience, so you have to work on your text in order to get the right message across and work on your intonation. Daily, three coaches followed me. I was coached by a former singer, we transformed my text into a score to succeed in creating emotion, putting down your voice and giving rhythm. It allowed me to find an accent to catch the public and play on humor, fear, joy. This allows to be more striking and to ensure that the message remains in memory.

I learned a lot from all these coaches. In particular to manage stress and to use the energy that one has in oneself, that there is in the environment, at the public, to be anchored in the present moment and give the best of oneself. It seems to me that my message went well, I had before me a fairly seasoned audience, Director of Operations, Digital Director, Data Scientist ... But also an audience of uninitiated, including a family who came to tell me that she had learned a lot. This allowed me to give my vision of AI and see if this vision was shared.

I would like to thank all the volunteers for their involvement, the time spent in organizing the event, and the support of the coaches. I would also like to thank my nanny coach who accompanied me, supervised all along, and who hosted me for the various events in Nantes. "