Microsoft makes Teams available for everyone in times of corona

All over the world, we are facing huge challenges to keep everyone safe from the corona virus. Many companies are taking measures in their own way to help limit the corona outbreak. Those who already offered telework possibilities, switched to 100% telework. Companies that require physical presente are taking the appropriate measures in terms of hygiene and social distancing. However, there are many companies who could work from home but don't have the necessary tools to do so. The message from the government is loud and clear: do everything you can to enhance telework.

Microsoft offering collaboration tool for free in times of corona outbreak

Microsoft wants to make remote work easier and offers a free trial license for the coming 6 months that contains Microsoft Teams. The licence also includes some premium features such as no user limits and video calls with co-workers. In this way, employees can #stayhome, work from home, keep in touch with each other and access their files.

Microsoft Teams is a tool from the Office 365 suite that allows team collaboration, co-working, chat, calls and video meetings to keep employees connected with each other and get the work done.  If your company does not already use Office 365, you can easily sign up for the Office E1 license (trial version).

If you have a Microsoft customer representative, you are eligible for the trial lience Office E1. Many companies already have MS Teams activated on the accounts of the employees. If not, you can simply ask the administrator in your company to do so. If you're an educational institution, you'll be able to access Teams via an A1 licence. Are you an individual who wants to use Microsoft Teams? No worries, there's also a solution for you!  Follow this link for more information about the different ways to get free access to Microsoft Teams.

More about MS Teams

Get started with Microsoft Teams

SII MS teamsDo you already have access but still need to figure some things out to be operational for remote work? No worries, Microsoft has published small videos to help you and your business take off with Teams right away. Every video is short and covers a certain practical topic such as:

  • How to set up a team
  • How to collaborate in channels
  • How to start calls and video calls
  • How to set up and manage meetings
  • How to upload and find files
  • How to work with posts and messages
  • ... and a lot more.

Get started with MS teams (English)

Aan de slag met MS Teams (Dutch)

Commencer avec MS Teams (French)

12 million new users in the past two weeks

In the past two weeks, MS Teams has noticed a significant increase of 12 million new users for Teams. Microsoft has decided to offer MS Teams for free to everyone in these times of corona crisis and lots of companies have already joined Teams. Are you still looking for the right solution to offer your employees the best remote work experience possible? Don't hesitate to sign up for the free MS Teams license. Remote work is a must and we can only save lives if we stay inside. #stayhome #togetheragainstcorona


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