SII Belgium is Great Place To Work

It is good to work at SII and this year we are certified as GPTW in Belgium.

Well-being and fulfilment at work are at the heart of our corporate strategy and our concerns. It is the first time we apply for this label, and we made it. 

For SII, obtaining this label is not an outcome. It is above all an anonymous audit rich in lessons, a tool that allows us to improve our practices, to better understand the expectations of our employees and to define together concrete action plans to improve. These projects cover the field of quality of life at work, managerial practices but also the question of our company's commitment to societal and environmental causes.   This label also makes sense for the attractiveness of our employer brand #fungenieur, for the recruitment of many talents and the loyalty of our teams.

A virtuous circle that allows us to bring satisfaction and high added value to our customers. We would like to thank our clients, partners and candidates for their trust. And especially thank you to all our employees, if it is good to work at SII it is above all thanks to you.  

The GPTW survey is based on a precise methodology based on two complementary and unique tools to which all applicant organizations submit: on the one hand, the Trust Index survey© containing 64 questions, sent to all employees of the company that counts for 2/3 of the final score; and on the other, the Culture Audit©, a file aimed at evaluating the quality and diversity of the managerial practices implemented by the company, and counting for 1/3 of the final score.

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