SII Belgium


Passion for technology

SII Belgium - part of the SII Group - is a leader in IT, engineering, and consulting services. We are your preferred partner to help you with your digital transformation, business process, and applications.

With experts in a variety of technologies and specializations, we assist you in the improvement of your productivity and efficiency. We act as an advisory consultancy agency and assist you in defining strategies, developing & implementing solutions, planning the roll-out, providing training, and ensuring the continuity of your solutions.  Being dedicated to our work, we strive to be the qualitative and reliable technology partner that your organization needs to turn every business project into a success.


Our mission & vision

Our mission is to support organizations in their digital transformation, existence, and evolution, whilst applying professional ethics to the service of responsible growth. We are convinced that the organisations we support are more efficient thanks to the business process optimization, every step of the way.

Our senior IT professionals support your business in adopting the latest technologies and ways of working. We assist you in every step of the way thanks to our expertise and flexibility. Your satisfaction is what's most important to us, and it has been for 40 years.




Working with SII means...


diverse teams



Flexibility & Availability

In close collaboration with our own employees, we keep a healthy balance between working on one project and working on several projects at the customers. This allows us to have consulting professionals with flexibility and different types of availabilities. Whether it’s full-time or part-time, a short-term or long-term project: we’ve got you covered!





The right expertise

We have internal specialized teams on several levels who stay up to date through training and internal knowledge sharing. The seniority and expertise of our people are key for every company that hires one of our consultants. Thanks to our technical expertise and the projects we deliver, we also have a large network of qualified freelancers to support you with your projects.





The perfect fit

For every request, we carefully analyze how our team and project approach would be a good fit for you. We discuss the technical requirements and the cultural fit with our clients. We don't like to think in projects, but in long term partnerships where we support you in the best way that feels the most comfortable to you as a customer. In this way, our project journey will be successful on both sides.





Ethics in business

We find it important in every step we take - business or recruitment wise - that we do it in a professional and ethical way. As part of this policy, there is an alert system in place for any ethical incidents namely the 'SII Integrity Line'. This is a secure external platform that is accessible to all SII stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers ...).


SII Integrity Line