More than Aircraft

In addition to the field of aircraft, SII Netherlands also undertakes projects in the field of transportation systems.

The design of modern train and metro transportation systems has advanced significantly during the past decade, in part with the implementation of 3D CAD systems and new materials. Engineering services performed by SII Netherlands BV contribute to innovative developments that play an essential part in the daily life of any modern economy.

Improved passenger comfort in Nedtrain rolling stock

For NS Treinmodernisering, SII Netherlands designed and developed a modular welded airco mounting structure. The modification was part of the modernisation of the DDZ train compartment and integrated with the currently available production technologies. 

Geometric interfaces, structural strength, materials combinations, manufacturing requirements, corrosion protection etc. were all taken into consideration during the design process. Parts, sub assemblies and installation design were carried out using Unigraphics design software whilst stress specialists used Finite Element Analysis (Patran / Nastran). 

Design and stress teams worked closely together to ensure that the final product meets all the load case requirements stipulated by the certifying body. All technical design information and reports, including FE models and FE validation/correlation with design-test results, were handed over to the customer and the authorities.

Numerous ongoing projects in this field of business have been successfully executed and are in progress right now.