I joined SII 9 years ago, this was my first study related job. I first worked in a nursing home a year after studying. It was nice to work once in a social environment after a technical education. I felt at ease there, but after a year I wanted to do something with my studies, I was just looking and then I was called by SII, they had a nice job for me as a junior design engineer. I started on the design of the chassis of a lightweight trolly. After that I worked for a while at Fokker in Papendrecht and mainly did drawing work. After this I worked together with a number of colleagues in Bremen for the A350 on the high lift devices. After this period I worked in Belgium, especially design work for the A350. In recent years I have worked a lot in the Netherlands for several companies on flight simulators and as a sales engineer. As a sales engineer I was responsible for the technical proposals. I was technically responsible to find out whether adjustments to existing designs were possible or to propose something new that is possible. This I found very nice work. Now I work internally at SII and work on a flight simulator. I design a circuit breaker. Over the years I have become more confident and I know what I can. I find it very nice to have sat at so many different places thanks to SII. You therefore develop broadly, gain a lot of experience at different companies. What I like about SII is that it is not hierarchical, you are being listened to and you have more impact than within a large company. Being flexible, having variety in your work and not stiffening in your work is someting I like very much. At SII you can be who you are, there is a nice atmosphere, there is a lot of work, but it feels very chill and relaxed! The colleagues are pleasant and it is a professional company. We also organize fun outings, I am a member of the staff association myself. Among other things we have made GPS trips with Jeeps, beach volleyball competitions and this year we are going karting and laser gaming.
I can really recommend SII, I started here as a junior myself and I think it is a great way for young people to gain a lot of experience and to have a lot of variety between different projects. This allows you to discover what you like and what really suits you.


The last 12 years have been great! I started off as a design engineer right after receiving my bachelors in aerospace engineering. My active fields thus far range from aerospace to trains to full flight simulators. For these projects I was situated at the customers sites abroad and in the Netherlands as well as in house in Haarlem. The current scale-up promises a wide variety of new opportunities!


I have been employed for almost 10 years by SII Netherlands and am still very happy in my work. During my study years I learnt a lot, although I quickly realised, once I began working, that this formed the basis for my future career. Job applications resulted in several options from which to choose. After full consideration, only one option appealed to me. That was, SII Netherlands. Since 2010, I have worked on many interesting projects and am presently contracted for the third time by Nedtrain in Haarlem. Throughout the years my technical skills and knowledge of processes and products have further developed. As a young engineer, my first assignment was design work on the steeI structure of an armoured vehicle. I progressed further in a production engineering position where the challenge involved horizontal tail planes for business jets. Now I work as a production engineer for on double decker trains where I prepare all manufacturing information for piece parts, for example the doors, wall panels, vent grills etc. I learnt the most during the period when I worked on the horizontal tail planes. Not withstanding the fact that they were prototypes, the work was efficiently planned which led to a stress free working environment. My work involves the use of 3D design sofware programs such as Catia, Unigraphics and Baan. In the early stages of my career I learnt a lot from Graham. He was my mentor and gave me guidance and the benefit of knowledge and experience, subjects that I myself have expanded during subsequent secondments. The secondments have made me aware that from every new task, valuable knowledge is gathered that may be of value in future projects. Sii Netherlands cares about their employees. The company ensures through informative meetings and a regular news letter that employees remain in close contact with the company boxes whether they are working at head office or in the field. Sii Netherlands is a good employer, who has good working conditions. And thanks to SII, I'm working on challenging projects and have always enjoyed everything I've done.