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Sii in brief

Created in 1979, the SII Group aims to support companies in the integration of new technologies and innovation management methods, to develop their information systems and contribute to the development of their future products or services.

Thanks to our decentralised organisation based on empowerment and the ability to undertake business, the SII Group has deployed on more than 100 sites spread over 4 continents . By relying on our teams of nearly 10,000 engineers worldwide, we offer skills in both Digital Service and Engineering to drive the transformation of many sectors of the economy.

In this market dominated by changing uses, SII is a benchmark player to support these digital developments. Our constant growth shows our commitment to the satisfaction of all our customers, with a sustainable approach.


Number of employees
13 000
Countries of establishment
2020/2021 Global turnover

Beyond our recognized digital skills, the SII Group stands out for its corporate culture that values ​​initiatives and commitment. Our aim is to provide all of our employees with a fulfilling working environment for the development of their skills and careers.

The Great Place To Work label rewards this state of mind and the ability given to everyone to be an actor of SII. Armed with this DNA, we are carriers of the #fungenieur spirit which values ​​the engineering profession and its role in a more responsible digital world.

Acquisitions and further international development

The strategy of expansion beyond France is confirmed and accelerated with acquisitions in Germany, Belgium and Colombia, the creation of new establishments in the Netherlands, India as well as in Canada and England. The Group is also carrying out external growth operations in France to support its development with, in particular, the acquisition of Feel Europe in 2016 aimed at strengthening our positioning in the banking sector. In 2019, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary and announcing the strengthening of the Group's “top management” and the creation of a Development Department, to promote the acceleration of the development of the company.

40 years since we formed, 20 years since we floated40 yrs

To mark the 40th anniversary of its formation and 20 years since it floated on the stock market, SII Group, which specialises in engineering business lines, held its first Investor Day in Paris on Thursday 17 October. This event was an opportunity to highlight the key aspects of the Group's current and future growth trajectory.

SII Netherlands
Amsterdamse Vaart 268
2032 EK Haarlem
Tel: +31 (0)23 53 07 300

SII worldwide