Robot Simulation & Automation

Robot Simulation & Automation

SII Netherlands offers integral solutions for the automation of industrial processes, aiming to add value to these changes in production, quality, and safety. Our services include Mechanical Design, Simulation, Manufacturing technical support, and Programming of Robots and PLCs.

The SII Group develops smart robot solutions that are easy to deploy, flexible and easy to use. We provide our customers with the opportunity to automate in a flexible, trustworthy, safe, and innovative way. Manufacturers and integrators can now easily program, simulate, and validate automation, significantly simplifying the digital commissioning process. We can support industrial activities in:

  • Assembly Line Development
  • Process Automation
  • System Commissioning

Robot Simulation

Development times are becoming shorter and shorter and the complexity of automation systems is still increasing. In order to meet this trend, a virtual check for function, collision-free operation, accessibility, safety considerations, among others, is carried out as early as the design phase with the aid of a simulation tool.

Thanks to our robot simulation expertise, we can mitigate the risk that your production line does not have the initial required functionalities. Furthermore, the time of commissioning can be drastically reduced after line modifications. The individual robots are directly programmed in the simulation tool and thus could be easily switch on and off for troubleshooting. This way, motion cycles can be verified in advance, significantly reducing the robot programming time.


  • Process Simulate
  • Process Designer
  • Robcad


The development and optimisation of complex plant controls and control systems requires a lot of experience, but also interdisciplinary and innovative thinking.

SII Technologies is exactly the right partner for your automation projects: We integrate the individual interfaces for visualisation, control and communication into your business processes and procedures - for more efficiency, transparency and safety.


  • Siemens Simatic
  • CoDeSys
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT
  • WEBfactory
  • Siemens WinCC

Robot simulation & automation