Our values

Since the beginning of the SII Group we have been an engineering company. Our founder Bernard Huvé, is himself an engineer, and engineers have always been the heart of our business. Our engineers are the heroes of our story. 

We are characterised by our core values of commitment and accountability, transparency, passion and creativity, and trust. We believe these qualities lead to technological and organisational change that allow us to create the future of tomorrow.

Principles for success

SII Netherlands B.V. intends expanding its market position through continued growth and investment in capabilities, knowledge and engineering tools.

SII Netherlands B.V. realises that the services provided, must support the customer in achieving his own goals. And that this can only be accomplished if the services are of high quality, compliant with requirements and have maximum added value for the customer. This is what makes SII Netherlands B.V. a successful company and trustworthy partner for each customer.

Compliance with our vision results in our statement of mission:

Combining capabilities and disciplines in the most effective manner to achieve customer objectives within the agreed time frames.


We find it important in every step we take - business or recruitment wise - that we do it in a professional and ethical way. As part of this policy, there is an alert system in place for any ethical incidents namely the 'SII Integrity Line'. This is a secure external platform that is accessible to all SII stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers ...).