IT services

SII Netherlands has always been at the forefront of technologies in the digital world. Over the years, our SII experts have specialized themselves in the development of digital solutions that support businesses in their digital journey.

Sii Netherlands is able to provide the full end-to-end engineering solutions in combination with our mechanical engineering expertise and group experience in respect to software development and embedded systems. Embedded systems are a combined hard- and software component built into devices that are not automatically identified as computerized devices. Some specific examples of embedded systems include: the automatic pilot of an aircraft and control systems embedded in robots or mechatronic machines. One of these applications Sii Netherlands is currently supporting is embedded systems in full flight simulators. 

What kind of expertise we can offer to our customers:

  • Software engineers
  • SQL Devlopers
  • Data integrators
  • Integration analysts

We can support your business with our team of digital experts in several domains.