Flight Simulator Development

Flight Simulator Development

Since 2012 Sii Netherlands has been involved in the development of full flight simulators. With the design experience gained in the aerospace industry of light weight ridged structures the combination with full flight simulators was natural.

In 2015 the Avion Group and Sii Netherlands started the development of a revolutionary flight simulator. Currently the Avion A320FFS is an established product but back in 2015 only an idea of a new simulator existed. Sii Netherlands supported the vision of Avion in the development of a light weight full flight simulator with a completely novel structural arrangement and cockpit access means. Sii Netherlands was able to support this effort by bringing expert knowledge in mechanical design, finite element modeling and production methodologies.

By 2019 not only is Sii Netherlands supporting the mechanical effort but is also supporting the software development of the Avion A320FFS.

Sii Netherlands is an official partner of the Avion Group in sustained support for simulator operators. For more information on the Avion product:

Avion | a new perspective (aviongroup.aero)