SII Netherlands B.V. is a flexible company with over 20 years of experience, offering professional engineering solutions to suit customers requirements. These solutions are tailor-made for each customer. Solutions can range from individual engineering service to full design-an-build solutions for almost any structural part in many markets.
Extensive knowledge of regulations, modern CAE/CAD tools and materials are available within the company. If necessary, in order to meet all your needs, SII Netherlands B.V. can fall back on the know-how, tools and engineering capalbilities of SII sister companies.

  • Experienced and dedicated permanent staff
  • Good track record
  • Matrix organisation
  • Individual or team approach
  • Project management
  • Consultancy
  • Quality system (EN 9100 Lloyds)
  • EASA CS 25 & CS 23 certification
  • Approval per part 21 DOA

Design / Stress skills:

  • Special knowledge in numerous aerospace projects
  • Structural design and stress Analysis of primary and secondary aircraft structures
  • Structural design and stress analysis for offshore projects
  • Structural design and stress analysis for structures in railway rolling stock
  • Interiors
  • Design related manufacturing issues
  • EASA CS 23 and 25 certification (approval per Part 21 DOA)
  • Electrical wiring installations

Project management skills:

  • Matrix organisation of departments: Structural, Systems & Stress
  • Phased design process with design reviews
  • Budget control
  • Change control
  • Project reporting