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Engineering activities

Good design leads to simple solutions

Engineering is a wide field of which design is one small element which brings all disciplines together. Design is the field of engineering that deals with product form, fit and function. The engineering group includes design, finite element, production and system engineers. From our aerospace origins we are capable of working with multiple specialized disciplines and translating all requirements into a practical product. An aerospace material application that currently is expanding to other industries is the use of composite materials, from our years of experience in composite materials we are in an excellent position to support the engineering and production preparation support.

The most significant characteristics of the design group are:
•             Good design generalists & special knowledge in numerous engineering disciplines
•             Phased design process for projects (PDR, CDR, FDR)
•             Design integration of manufacturing-related issues form an integral part of the process
•             Technical documentation (drawings etc.)
•             Design of Systems

Sii Netherlands can draw on a pool of engineers capable of working with different engineering software tools. Most commonly these include:

•    CATIA;
•    SolidWorks;
•    NX;

•    ANSYS;

Contact us to see how we can support your engineering team.


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