Embedded Systems Development

Embedded Systems Development

By having a deep understanding of the market challenges, we successfully design and implement the optimum technological solutions translated into added value and continuity for your embedded engineering projects. Based on our extensive experience in embedded software & hardware services, we are able to provide outstanding solutions in terms of quality and costs for leading companies in hi-tech, semiconductors, robotics, automotive and aerospace.

We can provide you a complete turnkey project - the whole device with embedded software, connectivity and cloud computing as well as analysis systems. We support you with solving potential problems in product development but can also adopt your own product development processes for delivering embedded systems projects.

The SII Group has the best experts in the analysis, design and programming of onboard and embedded devices. We can specialize in the operating system / programming language imposed by hardware and we develop all kinds of applications. We adapt to the programming of embedded applications (Embedded C, C++, Java, Python, .Net…) for all types of microcontrollers / processors (PIC, Atmel, ARM, Intel, AMD…).

In such a specific sector the needs for hardware design and testing resources are also specific. With our many years of experience in hardware development, we realise durable electronic assemblies for industrial communication, automation, measurement and control technology. Whether circuits, components, power consumption, dimensions or quality: our experienced developers derive hardware functionalities from your product requirements, create specifications and form an interface between you and the software development team during the entire development process. We also offer you an individual firmware solution to match your customised hardware.

We accompany our solutions with the best monitoring, control and/or management software on the embedded environment, adapting it to your needs in the most scalable way for:

  • Functional Study
  • Coding & Autocoding
  • Hardware Development
  • Simulation
  • Quality Assurance & Test Management


  • Matlab/Simulink
  • Targetlink
  • Ascet
  • PSpice
  • Eagle
  • Mentorgraphics
  • Altium Designer AD15
  • Agilent Library Suite

Embedded systems engineering