Aerospace Innovation is our daily business


The aviation industry is SII Netherlands’s main customer group. Over the past years, SII Netherlands has established close relationships with many original equipment manufacturers (OEM) all over the world. To gain a small impression of our activities, please read the following success stories.


Conversion of Fokker 50 Passenger to Freighter

In one of SII Netherlands’s most successful projects, consultancy combined with a dedicated engineering project team resulted in the full conversion of a F50 passenger aircraft into a freighter. Reverse engineering techniques generated aircraft geometrical data, enabling SII Netherlands to produce CAD and FE model basis. Concept design, stress analysis and substantiation took place in the Netherlands. Detail engineering was done in the USA as was prototype development, full scale testing and production. The international cooperation resulted in a certification by FAA (validation EASA).


Design and justification of Airbus A 380 Inner Flap

The Inner Flap of the A380-800 can be considered as one of the largest and most critical wing components of this aircraft. The metallic design was developed by a dedicated project team of design & stress engineers and system integration specialists, taking the preliminary design from the trade off phase via common design review (PDR, CDR) phases, to a full & fixed design. This project was performed at SII Netherlandse’s head office. 

Efficient project management guaranteed the required quality and time of delivery. Under every A380-800, one of SII Netherlands's most distinctive designs will be flying for many years to come.