Aerobatic Aircraft Certification

Sii Netherlands is a proud contributor to the type certification of the Extra Aerobatic Aircraft Extra NG which was achieved on the 11th of October 2019.

The Extra NG is a high performance double-seater-airplane featuring a carbon fibre composite construction. The fuselage is a composite monocoque structure containing a rigid composite cockpit frame. It features a low-wing design and a conventional tail and has a fixed landing gear in a tail dragger configuration. A Lycoming piston engine powers a constant speed propeller.

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Close-up of the Extra NG engine intake and cowling. (Credit: Author)

The Extra NG is designed as aerobatic and touring aircraft for VFR-day operation in the aerobatic and normal category. Type certification is in accordance with EASA CS-23.

Development of the Extra NG started in 2015 and for the last phase (6 Months) of the project Sii Netherlands was involved with 5 engineers to complete the certification tests and tasks for the EASA TC application. In addition 3D modelling and drawing creation support was provided.

The support included the preparation of full scale tests such as:

  • Dynamic Seat Testing;
  • Fuselage Ultimate Load Testing;
  • Various minor component test such as the tail gear and fuel tanks.

Our engineers acted in collaboration with the engineering team of Extra Aerobatic Aircraft and the mechanics to establish the jigs necessary for testing. All test were witnessed and guided by the engineer responsible which made the project wonderful and provided an additional perspective on aerospace engineering. The added element of working with an entire team for one goal: type certification, was a remarkable and memorable experience.

Furthermore general support for the compliance demonstration documentation was supplied including the project management and task coordination of the Sii Netherlands team.

For more information on the Extra NG please follow this link:

Sii Netherlands is an approved EASA Design Organisation EASA.21J.296 through SII Deutschland. Please contact us to see how we can support your aircraft modification projects:

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