A330 Installation Certification Mobile Crew Rest

In cooperation with our customers: Zodiac Aerospace and Aerolineas Argentinas, Sii Netherlands last year completed an STC installation of a Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rest (LD-MCR).

After a challenging major change or STC certification process the EASA approval was granted end of 2017. The subject of the STC was the installation of Zodiac Aerospace LD-MCR, in the forward section of the rear cargo compartment in two A330-200 aircraft. The operator was supplied with the required certification documentation, installation and test instructions for the installation of the LD-MCR.

Engineering and Certification Activities

Integration of LD-MCR; Evaluation of existing configuration and post-mod configuration; Electrical / Systems Checks; Structural Check; Integration Checks; Weight and Balance Analysis; Fire Suppression and Smoke Detection Evaluation; Safety Assessment; Clearance Analysis;

Test Plans: Emergency Evacuation Test; EMI Test; Systems Tests;

Operational Data: Flight Manual Update; Crew Manual Update; AMM and IPC Supplements;

The LD-MCR unit located out- and inside the aircraft (right). It is equipped with bunks to  accommodate 6 cabin crew members.

On-Site Testing

Final task was the conformity inspection on site in Argentina. Highlights of the conformity inspection were the cabin intercommunication data systems (CIDS) test and the crew rest evacuation test for which Aerolineas Argentinas supported us with a fantastic maintenance and cabin crew.


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