Extended Delivery

An extended delivery centres is a partnership device to build your products and services. It is a framework of project delivery where you'll benefit from the same common set of tools, methodologies, certifications, reporting, capacity planning, partners security, ISO standards and more, whichever delivery centre you choose to operate with.

  • One global extended team  & multi-cultural team per project supported by a common platform with unique Quality & Management.
  • Remote Services/Support with direct management of projects, teams.
  • T&M or Fixed Price projects based upon agreed and “frozen” specification with commitments on planning and quality deliverables.

For each of its projects, SII studies the most suitable system, ranging from 100% local production close to its client to a more complex system allowing production where the skill is available when the project is launched.

This ability to scale up allows us to be as reactive as possible for each project and to benefit from the global job market at all times (France, Nearshore, Offshore). This whole process is based on 4 pillars: COCKPIT, DELIVER, SECURE, SKILLS.


Piloting a single-site project to a set of multi-site projects

SII has by default a set of standard KPIs for all of its projects. Inspired by Agility, SII advocates the visual management of these KPIs (physical or digital for multi-site) and uses this tool to boost its project management and put its consultants in charge. SII also has an innovative methodology for gaining visibility and connecting projects to each other, particularly in terms of synergy between projects (skills or continuous improvement).


Provide method and platform

SII has defined a process and associated tool package to quickly launch a project, including a project using consultants on several sites. The production processes and methods having been thought out on a large scale, everything is planned for multi-site projects.


Guarantee the resilience of our activities

SII guarantees the safety of its production through an organization dedicated to safety. The latter ensures the physical security of our premises, our application park and infra. SII also deploys a secure production process on its projects, which can go up to the pentest in the production environment.


Have the right skills on the project

SII uses a skills management process, making it possible to manage the rise in skills at start-up but also the rise in maturity over the long term, and this by relying on SII Learning as a training institute.

 Our way of working as integrated team


SII India Fundamentals

Either you aim to cut costs, lower rates or to access niche skills, accelerate team ramp-up or leverage growth opportunities through innovation and international expansion, you can now fill the gap between cost efficiency and quality services with the help of our offshore centre. Our extensive catalogue of competencies and large pool of candidates enable us to deliver high-quality software development and IT services.



Our Services

Our offshore center located in India enables us to deliver outstanding software engineering services and solutions to customers anywhere in the world. Whether we are talking about digital or embedded applications, we can help you maximize the benefits of offshore software development services in terms of cost, time, quality, and resources.



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