Our Contractual Model

Our Contractual Model are always cost effective, structured and easily understandable by the customers for the business process standardization and deliver success to our esteemed customers and add values to their businesses.



Managed Services

Agreed price for the outsourcing service of the daily management responsibilities, functions and/or operations; we enable you focusing on your core business while we take care of the service needed to keep your business run smoothly.



Time and Material

Provides the flexibility of modulating the size and workload of the development team assigned, while optimizing time and costs (rate per man-day).




Work Packages

Fixed price model agreed on certain tasks/requirements.

Moreover, if none of the above models suits your business needs, we can define together the proper combination that best fits your requirements. Likewise, you can benefit from our ramp-up and ramp-down methodologies and experience that help you adjust the size and structure of your team in accordance with the workload variation thus gaining full budget control. You can also count on a dedicated, highly professional Key Account Manager to oversee our collaboration.