Will I get training and development after being hired?
Yes. You will get both on the job training and formal training (if required) during your employment.

Are there on-site opportunities in your company?
Yes. On-site opportunity can vary by client, role, work nature.

Is there work from home option in your company?
Yes. Work from home option can vary by team, role, client.

Do you work on week-end or late night or in shifts?

What are the leave types?
Paternity leave, Privilege leave, Marriage leave, Bereavement Leave.

Do you offer benefits?
Yes. Please go to our website to learn more. Benefits can vary by location, team, or role.

How can I participate in the development of your company other than technical things?
Every year end, we conduct an anonymous survey in employee satisfaction about the company on our internal tool. This survey result help us to improve our employee development, quality and reputation every year. 

Does SII India hire interns, students, freshers?

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