SII around the world

SII, an international Group

To support our clients across the globe is a key aspect of our strategy. Our challenge: growth while maintaining the right balance between proximity and meeting the global challenges of our customers.
To answer to this, we have been pursuing a strategy of expansion for more than 40 years in France and internationally. We are currently present in 18 countries on 4 continents through 100 locations and this deployment is intended to continue as opportunities arise.

Our agencies and locations in France

SII in France has more than 4,700 employees in 3 major regions, 9 agencies and more than 30 locations in order to be as close as possible to our employees, customers and partners.
This decentralized organization is a source of transparency and efficiency. It also allows local realities to be taken into account, while providing flexibility and responsiveness to all of our stakeholders.

SII in the world

SII develops its engineering services around the globe with more than 50% of its forces positioned beyond French territory.

From 2006, the Group exported itself by creating SII Poland and, in 15 years, will thus develop 18 subsidiaries, 100 locations, distributed in Europe, America, North Africa and Asia.
This deployment strategy aims to support our international customers by providing them with a homogeneous service offer as close as possible to their locations, associated with offshore centers present on 4 continents.

Each subsidiary has an active development policy based on local commitment and operational synergies with the entire group.

Our dynamic international growth in recent years has been particularly sustained and focused on our strategic sectors (Aerospace & Defense, Finance, Telecom, Transport) in the fields of engineering and digital services.