Production capacities

For every project, SII studies the most suitable device, ranging from 100% local production close to clients, to a more complex plan to produce where the skills are available at the start of a project.

This scaling capacity allows us to be as responsive as possible for each project and to take advantage of the global labour market at any time (France, Nearshore, Offshore). This strategy is based on four pillars: SECURE, DELIVER, COCKPIT, SKILLS

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Ensuring business resilience

SII guarantees the safety of its production through an organisation dedicated to safety issues. This organisation ensures the physical safety of our premises, our application base and IT infrastructure. SII also deploys a secure production process for every project that can go up to a penetration testing in a production environment.

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Providing method and platform 

SII has defined processes and associated tools package to swiftly trigger a project, including a project using multi-sites consultant teams. Since production processes and methods have been thought at scale, everything is planned and designed for multi-site projects. 


Continuous improvement


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From a single-site project management to a set of multi-site projects   

For every project, SII uses a standard set of KPIs by default. Inspired by Agile methods, SII advocates the importance of a visual management of these KPIs (physical or digital for the multi-site) and uses this tool to stimulate project management and consultant's responsibility. SII also uses an innovative methodology in order to have a better visibility and connect projects (synergy between projects, skills or continuous improvement). 

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Having the right skills on the project 

SII uses a skills management process to manage skill improvement at the start of a project but also have a means to reach a longer-term maturity, using SII Learning as a training institute.


SII Learning