#Fungineer is an SII movement that has evolved from two key competences: fun and engineer.

Our goal is: to combine the knowledge of our employees, their humanity, curiosity and creativity to form a team of passionate, competent and good-humoured professionals.

Innovation, challenge and experience are the key. Every day, our Fungenieers contribute to keeping this movement alive by sharing their skills with others, making the Sii a great place to work.

We burn with a passion for technology, nurture our Fungineer spirit and promote a work culture of diversity and inclusion, where we embrace differences with respect and tolerance. One of the most important factors to consider in the application and recruitment process is to consider all candidates of all ages to create a diverse Fungineer community.

We are strong when we are together and that is why we work to turn ideas and awareness into agility and actions.

We are colleagues, we are friends, we are the family of SII Technologies in the SII Group world!

Discover the Fungineer Movement in one minute: