Service desk & IT support

Keep your IT applications operational at any time

Developing new web applications and using them in your company is one thing. However, what do you do when technical issues appear? How can you solve problems as quickly as possible? Ensure the continuity of your web applications with a dedicated IT support partner. A dedicated IT support partner is the answer to your needs. The IT support team resolves issues your might have with your IT systems and maintains your apps.

SII Czech Republic has a professional dedicated team to take care of the support and maintenance of your business applications via a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Whether the application is implemented by us or not: your days of worrying about the operational continuity of your business applications are over. Our service desk team looks for the best suitable solution for any technical issues, updates and change requests you may have.

Why partner up with SII Czech Republic for maintenance and support?

Dedicated team with 1 SPOC

We have a support team that ensures the continuity of your applications in Dutch, French & English. The Service Delivery Manager is your single point of contact and you don’t need to worry about anything. He is in charge of the quality control & efficiency of the support team.

No ugly surprises

We understand the importance of keeping your applications running. Everything in the agreement is stipulated in detail, leaving no room for interpretation or floating incidents. JIRA supports us in the pragmatic and no-nonsense incident management.

Regular Follow Up

We monitor all activities in the light of the Service Level Agreement. JIRA allows us to generate detailed reports. We provide you with regular reportings and schedule regular governance meetings to keep you up to date on the course we’re going.

Need a quote for an SLA for your business application?

SII Czech Republic offers different types of maintenance such as the corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, adaptive maintenance and evolutive maintenance. We also apply different levels and priorities to each incident in order to offer the best quality of support. SII Czech Republic works with JIRA as incident ticketing system and handles everything from there, once you create a ticket.

This is all stipulated in what is called a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The Service Level Agreement is an agreement between the customer and the IT support partner that elaborates on the possible nature of the incidents, the type of maintenance, the levels, the priorities and the resposibilities of each party. It also defines the resolution times and the impact it has. Do you need a quote for the SLA of your business application? Don’t wait any longer! Fill out the form and get the quote.