Infrastructure as code

You can easily adapt the architecture and processes in your organization thanks to automated IT infrastructure. The managing process relies on version control, test automation and code process in order to eliminate to bugs when defining the architecture. SII creates a fully automated infrastructure that is completely scalable to your needs.

Cloud integration

Thanks to the DevOps methodology, you can scale up and down the environment of applications in the cloud infrastructure (hybrid, privat, public) in a flexible way using cloud platforms and microservices. Any adaptations made to the code of an application can be transferred to the other applications right away, without losing time. Integrating applications into the cloud will help you better manage your resources and improve your business growth.

CI/CD processes

Deliver new versions of your product at a faster and more secure pace by enhancinng automation, continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD). I nthis way, you're simplifying processes and giving your employees the opportunity to deal with other tasks instead of wasting time. Next to that, you'll also be able to make more often changes to your IT product and launch it afterwards. This modern alternative to Waterfall methodology will improve your processes. 


This modern approach for IT infrastructure monitoring helps us to reduce the number of potential bugs in order to free up to the time of the specialists. In this way, the cay focus on other things in the business such as product development. A modern and proactive preview like this will give you the possibility to make changes to your application before any problems show up. New trends such as microservices, containerization, software-defined infrastructure, and hybrid clouds require a more comprehensive approach to monitoring. Monitoring your IT systems is important for your system administrators to get a clearer view of the products and solutions offered.


We offer support in the digital transformation process (design & implementation) and we also perform audits and recommendation of changes. The offer is always adapted to your need and your experience with DevOps & the cloud. Next to that, we also conduct trainings and workshops.