Staff delegation and placement

Need expert or local support?
                 Facing a peak in activity?
                            Or need to strengthen your teams?

SII Switzerland also answers the need for external support.

Body Leasing allows you to have one or more of our Swiss IT or engineering consultants working on-site and directly with your teams.

Your advantages :

body leasing

​​body leasing

​​body leasing

​​body leasing

Our experts and their high added value skills

More flexibility in the management of your fixed and variable costs

SII applies a quality process allowing a regular follow-up of the consultant, his evolution and the quality delivered.

Our rigorous selection process guarantees you the best specialists



The possibility to have different and sharp technical profiles according to your immediate needs is a real advantage.
Our expert and his skills are totally dedicated to you.

Each request is studied in detail in order to propose you the adapted solution.

Contact us now to discuss your needs !


suisse SII Services Suisse SA is authorized for private placement and service leasing according to the federal law on employment service and service leasing.