System Engineering

Our clients design, integrate, test and certify complete systems. We provide guidance and support to help them through all those processes. We have the skills and expertise on the following applications:

  • Navigation, FMS
  • Electrical, Battery, APU Fuel & Engines
  • Fuel consumption & Engine Control
  • Display, EFB
  • Flight control
  • Thermal
  • Communication & Surveillance
  • Landing Gears


System engineering


Embedded Software

Critical systems require specific processes to insure conformity, security and reliability. We are skilled and accredited in aerospace, ground transportation and defense

  • Applicative software
  • Critical & embedded software
  • Protocols
  • OS
  • DO178C/ARP 4754
  • Arinc 661
  • Arinc 653
  • ARP 4761


Embedded software


Modeling & Simulation

We design simulators for operator and pilot training, V&V, virtual reality, hardware in the loop as well as physical models for digital twins.

  • System modeling
  • Digital twins
  • Hardware in the loop
  • Test through simulation
  • Physical modelling


Modeling simulation


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical design, stress analysis & composites, to name a few, are areas of expertise we are known for in Montreal and Toronto.

  • Stress analysis
  • AeroAcoustics
  • Cabin design and installation
  • Composites
  • Part design
  • Catia


Mechanical Engineering


Industry 4.0

The combination of our main expertise in both engineering and IT allows SII Canada to be a key player in the Industry 4.0 and the IOT activities.

  • Lean
  • Manufacturing
  • IOT
  • QA/SQA
  • Logistics
  • Methods & tools


Industrie 4.0



Justine Larre

Business manger