Technological analysis

Highlighting technical issues and proposing solutions.

Do your applications or website not work like they should? Do they no longer meet your industry needs? Are they scalable? The experts at SII Canada can analyze them and identify and formalize technical issues. We can then propose areas for improvement that meet your needs.

Made to measure development

Based on your needs and in a timely manner, developing a website, a mobile application, an online application or business software.

Our hub boasts more than 30 experts and they are always here to help you develop the best solution that meets your expectations. All you have to do is define the specifications and we’ll take care of the rest. Our teams are trained in the Agile approach and they will deliver functional versions throughout the development cycle.

Our offers
Website development
Mobile application development
Developing a business software


Modernizing or integrating new components into websites or applications.

Do you feel let down by a software solution that doesn’t match your needs? Are you held back by a budget or a technical constraint? Our experts can dream up solutions and make them a reality when modernizing your existing applications. We can help you modernize and bring your system up to the latest standards, make your solutions better-performing and easy to maintain without affecting their functionality. Our experts can also integrate new functionalities with minimal impact on your existing application.

Our offers
Application modernization (mobile, web, business software)
Website modernization
Integration of new components


A made-to-measure intranet portal that aligns with the needs of your company.

Choose either a ready-made solution or a made-to-measure development if you have particular needs. SII Canada can deliver an intranet portal that is modular, easy to use and maintain, and always current. The era of clunky intranet portals is over so why not entice your employees with a user-friendly, accessible and visually pleasing solution?