SII Sports: 1st May Edition

After a long year of teleworking during a pandemic where being inside the same four walls has become the new normal, we did not want to organize another activity that involved your computer screen. The ideas started coming, but one thing got stuck in our head: why won't we organize something that motivates our people to go outside and maybe even link this to a good cause? That's how SII Sports was born!

The concept

The concept was simple: we invited our people to go outside and do whatever sport they like. Every effort counts! Whether they are a semi-professional cyclist (it's not weird to mention this, because we have many) or they just did a calm walk around the neighborhood.

Within our company, we had identified different types of sports and put an objective (expressed in kilometers) on it. When achieving an objective, there is money to earn and that amount would be donated to two good causes. After the day of SII Sports, we collected and counted all the kilometers to see which objective was achieved or not. Spoiler alert: we achieved a lot of our objectives!

The good causes

We chose two initiatives for our donations. Firstly, we chose Hack Your Future Belgium. This non-profit organization offers 8-month programs in software development to people who are living in difficult conditions. As an organization in IT, we acknowledge the importance of diversifying the IT labor market and helping people of different backgrounds to find their way into tech. 

We also made a donation to Stichting tegen Kanker / Fondation contre le Cancer, because many people have been confronted with this disease whether themselves or someone in their inner circle. We feel it is important to contribute to an organization like this, that plays an important role in the science against cancer, in the support of patients and their families, and in the detection and prevention of cancer.

SII's happy faces!

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