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At SII Belgium, we provide you with all the learning opportunities adapted to your company's needs. Together with our certified training organization and multi-learning platform - SII Learning - we offer you a catalog of more than 600 standard training programs. As a true partner in IT, we want you to achieve the best digital results possible for your company. Together we support you in the development of your skills in order to meet your training needs with the right trainers. 


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How do we work?




sii learning understand




Our team conducts some interviews with you to figure out your objectives, what kind of training you need, and how many people need it. Also we evaluate the initial level (of knowledge) of each participant.




After the understanding stage, we define a learning solution that's in line with your needs and the content of our training courses is adapted to the participants. We propose you a detailed plan of action.




sii learning propose




sii learning build



Our team constructs a tailor-made training that suits your business and its objectives. We provide you with individual or group courses and the proper training tools (face-to-face training, distance learning, blended learning, e-learning, coaching etc.).




Planning, logistics management, administrative procedures, and whatnot, SII manages the whole training project for you.




sii learning realize





sii learning control




To measure the learning outcomes of the training, we carry out evaluations, validation tests, and official certifications. At the same time, the trainer fills out a report on the progress of the session. You can easily compare the desired and achieved objectives.




Once the training has been completed, we make the digital course materials available to each trainee, allowing them to reinforce their learning over time.




sii learning consolidate




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