Office 365 Governance

The road to success with the Office 365 governance plan

A governance plan is only possible to create with a governance team. It’s your people that are involved to create an Office 365 plan for the use of Office 365. Our experts will implicate stakeholders at your company such as key users, marketing, HR, IT and more in the process. They are responsible for defining the set of rules for the use of Office 365. We’ll form a team of 6 to 8 people who will act as the bridge between IT and the end users. The team is therefore responsible for the practicalities that have to be taken into account in the implementation of change. We’ll discuss several elements such as roles & responsibilities, site naming convention, storage usage, theme & colors, define rules for templates, archiving, and so on. We assist you in defining a communication plan, help you with the training, coaching/support, onboarding process, and how to deal with new features.

office 365 governance

Implicating stakeholders from different backgrounds in the process has proven to be beneficial in order to have a clear view of what the needs of the company are. Are you looking for ways to set up a clear structure around your Office 365 adoption? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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