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The ultimate Office 365 adoption to use Office 365 correctly in your company

Rolling out Office 365 with a well-established training and communication plan is essential for a good Office 365 adoption. While users are generally confronted with “how to”-trainings (explaining them how to execute certain tasks), the “why”-question should be an equally important aspect. To ensure full adoption of O365, a pragmatic adoption approach should be implemented. At SII Belgium, we focus on three key points in the process: Envision, Onboard and Drive Value.

Adoption Office 365


envision Office 365 adoption


Before even discussing how to implement change, we take the time to discuss with you why you even need change. What is going well and where is there room for improvement? How do your employees work together, how do they manage their documents? What do you actually need? It’s important to get a view of the current situation and the main objectives to determine which technology you will need.


onboard office 365 adoption



Time to get your users on board into the world of Office 365. If you just roll-out the solution without guidance, chances are real that the users will use the new tools in the way they used the old tools. With our adoption experts, we create an adoption plan to get the users on board with Office 365. Correct communication about the new tools and the trainings are the cornerstones of the adoption process.


value office 365 adoption


Drive value

The O365 adoption journey doesn’t end after launch day nor after measuring your launch day impact. Driving adoption is a continuous cycle and you should constantly be measuring looking for new ways that O365 can add business value. Along the way and according to the results, we adapt our process to drive even more value. We offer support, take care of the Office 365 related questions, add trainings, and more.



Are you planning to implement Office 365 in your organization and do you want it to be successful? Our Office 365 change managers & experts are at your disposal to guide your company towards the correct use of Office 365.


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