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Why choose SII Belgium as your technology partner?


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Flexible cooperation & long term partnership

At SII Belgium, the client is our main focus. The objective is to meet your expectations and requirements as well as to adapt to your processes and tools in such a way that we can deliver the best services possible. Every customer is of course different and we adapt our project approach to your needs. Our high-quality solutions, flexible cooperation models, can-do attitude, and transparency make us the partner you need to support you. 



Nearshore & offshore capabilities for your projects

We offer the best nearshoring destinations at competitive rates. We have got years of expertise in working with teams in different locations and delivering high-quality projects. Thanks to our SII agencies with broad expertise in many domains, we can set up a nearshore approach in French & English with Poland, Romania, and Morocco. Our office in India is our go-to subsidiary for offshore projects. 



Mature extended delivery organization

SII Belgium has a high capacity to deliver top quality services and projects on proximity and offshore. Our team leasing capabilities allow us to provide you with the best service at the best rates. With your input, we set up a fully dedicated team that will support your organization. SII goes for complete team leasing services and takes care of recruitment, HR, administration, tools, office locations, and more.



We connect and help you achieve decisions

Defining your scope can cause a lot of discussions, especially when many stakeholders and product owners are involved. We are the missing link – a.k.a. translatorbetween business and IT and help you reach a scope definition and decisions that are validated by all people involved thanks to our expertise. We analyze your specific needs and advise you on what elements you should consider in the process. 

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Passion for technology

We live in a fast-evolving digital world and always stay at the forefront of technologies by continuously following training and obtaining certifications. This allows us to quickly embrace the latest versions of the technologies used when working on your project. As a leader in IT & engineering, we have broad expertise in many fields. We see ourselves as pioneers for upcoming trends and we inspire people with our tech ideas. Let's do the same for you!



Diverse teams based on ambition, trust, and engagement

We're a harmonious team based on trust, ambition, and engagement that comes together to provide the best services to you. Our teams are experienced in a wide scale of technologies and we are the perfect combination of wise seniors and promising juniors with an excellent group dynamic. This allows us to benefit from each other’s creativity, expertise, and point of view on different matters. 


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