The #fungineer movement

Today we are living the fourth industrial revolution: the digital revolution. When you look around, you see that we are surrounded by everything software and code-related. It goes from checking the weather app to making a bank transfer or online shopping. Digitalization is also something that drives SII Belgium. We are a bunch of technology enthusiasts together creating the future of tomorrow.


The #fungineer movement

#fungineer is not just an empty word or a fancy new marketing approach. No, it is a movement. It is our movement. Challenge, innovation, and expertise are the three pillars of this movement and we put the fun in everything we do.


We are one community

We are one team, one community with experts in a whole range of domains. We know our field and do our work well. Our teams have the know-how, the technical skills as well as the life skills, curiosity, and creativity.

There is a strong team spirit where everyone has the same desire to share and to learn whether it is in skills training and conferences, sharing knowledge through our internal channels or webinars.

We deliver good work, but we also have a lot of fun together through internal events such as team building activities, after-work drinks, SII Family Days, and so much more. You might know this as the saying “Work hard, play harder”.

Fun & challenge

There is a reason that the word ‘fun’ is in the #fungineer movement. The vision is simple, we want to cultivate a passion for technology where you have fun in working, developing, sharing expertise, and in team spirit. Being happy in your work is key.

We also want to challenge you! Working on projects where you can go further than you thought of yourself and where you can bring out a better version of yourself on daily basis. Together we evolve, we look at your future because we are all driven by the same thirst for transmitting and learning.

At SII, we see our people as the following: a fulfilled and challenged employee, who is in a good mood, happy, and a genius all at once and that all in a friendly atmosphere that is unique to our company.


Are you ready to be a part of our #fungineer movement?

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