Digital signatures with DigiSiign

Integrate electronic signatures in your business flows with DigiSiign

Digital signatures are more and more becoming part of the digitalization in companies, since it makes process and contract management much easier and digital. Many companies are still signing documents manually and scan it back or send it by post mail. It takes time, paper and it makes administration unnecessarily complicated. DigiSiign is a platform that allows you to integrate digital signatures in your workflows. It integrates seamlessly with different applications such as SharePoint, CRM systems, SAP and others. Next to the fact that DigiSiign saves you time and paper, there are many other reasons why you should implement DigiSiign in your organization.

Working with SII Belgium also means getting a partner right by your side that's certified in ISO 9001.BQA_QMS_CER_C_2021920

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Why implement DigiSiign in your company?


  • It isn’t a product but a platform where you can manage all your documents
  • It integrates with many other third party solutions such as SharePoint, SAP, CRM and other internal applications.
  • Centralized view of all signed documents and their status
  • Flexible and scalable to your needs
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface
  • The platform allows you to automate business processes and make customizations (e.g. define specific document lifecycle for all your documents)
  • Secure & legally compliant: OneSpan Trust Center, meets eIDAS regulation, GDPR Readiness Project, ETSI PAdES compliant
  • Different ways of authentication
  • Consent transparency: Possible to audit the document trails easily.


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