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Why do we need a coach?

The need for digital transformation in an organization is real. Companies in all kinds of industries acknowledge the importance of it and are transforming the way their organization works. We all know that change can be difficult to implement, especially when it concerns a large company with several departments. With a Digital Productivity Coach, you’ll be guided to get the most out of the digital transformation process.

Before starting to coach, the Digital Productivity Coach needs to understand how the current workplace works and what the objectives and goals are. How do your employees work together, how do they manage their documents? What are they already doing by themselves to be productive? What do you actually need? It’s important to get a view of the current situation and the main objectives to determine what tools you will need.


How can a Digital Productivity Coach help you?Office 365 wheel

The Digital Productivity Coach is here to introduce your employees to the new way of working. He is out to help you improve your productivity & efficiency by using the Microsoft tools to the fullest. You need to make the most out of the solutions you decided to implement in your organization. How many times don’t we see a certain tool/functionality implemented, but not used because the end-users don’t know how to use it and what purpose it serves? The Digital Productivity Coach ensures the correct adoption and productive use of Office 365. Office 365 has a lot of functionalities and users are not always aware of those functionalities. Our coach will make sure you know and use them correctly. He also defines and explains best practices and gives hands-on training to your employees. Our Productivity Coach finds it very important to provide guidance and support towards them.

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Focus on your users and adjust accordingly

The road to the modern workplace is a step-by-step learning process. It’s vital to see how your employees are doing so far so that the Digital Productivity Coach can adapt his sessions accordingly to make sure no one is left behind in this digital transformation process. This is why the coach keeps track of the evolution towards the user adoption of those tools at all times, by making regular progress reporting. Employees need to be motivated and willing to embrace change, and this can be best achieved when they understand and use those tools correctly  After all, employees are the cornerstones of an efficient organization. It’s them you need to get on board with change and when they are convinced, they will help and motivate each other.

The Digital Productivity Coach is also experienced in collaboration with several teams in an organization. He’ll be the missing link between your employees and your IT department since he’ll be able to answer all productivity & Office 365 related questions from users. Your IT department can focus on their work: this is also a way of improving the productivity of your IT department to get started.

Our clients in the past are clearly happy to have had a Digital Productivity Coach to learn how to use Office 365 to the fullest. Some of them actually thought at first: “Meh, we’ll roll it out internally and we’ll see what happens.” But with so many functionalities and possibilities, it totally defeats the purpose of exactly knowing how to use Office365 if no one internally has the right expertise or enough time to provide this kind of guidance and training. If what you read is something you relate to, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see how our digital productivity coaches can assist your teams.


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