Security is key

SII helps you keep a secure business and prevent data breaches. Our purpose is to make sure the customers trust their systems, to help them manage their risks and to integrate the cybersecurity requirements all while ensuring the time to market of our products and services.

The security of your applications is the top priority for our dedicated cyber security team. We take care of your cyber security in different ways, going from data leakage prevention to identity access management, managing threats and even more, all in different phases.

Our services

  • Consultancy & audits: we perform analyses and audits to see what we can do to improve cyber security and data protection.
  • Technical assistance: our experts are ready to help you with the practical execution of the cyber security tasks.
  • Service Center: working through a service agreement and covering different intervention modes
  • Training & coaching: trainings at the customer's office, best practices, hacking trainings and more.


How we protect your business applications

Our cybersecurity flow can be divided in four parts: anticipation, detection, reaction and protection. 


  • Intelligence threat
  • Identification of the weak spots of the networks, components, infrastructure and technical audits
  • Ethical hacking
  • Risk analysis & security audits
  • Awareness and training of the operational teams


  • Detect and investigate malware and sophisticated attacks.
  • Engineering of detection tools (Hyperviseur, SIEP, Sondes, LogManager, IDS…)
  • Consultancy in supervision strategies.


  • Determine strategy to return to normal
  • Forensic analysis
  • Analysis of static and dynamic malwares


  • Design, integrate, deploy secure architecture and cyber defense.
  • Managing and optimizing security tools
  • Increase resistance