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Unchain the possibilities with artificial intelligence and BI

Transform data into intelligent actions by connecting data, analyzing it, predicting events and automate actions. Artificial intelligence and BI helps you increase revenue, work more efficiently and offer a better service to your clients.  AI is already assisting humans in numerous industries. You can deduct insightful actions from data and Machine Learning helps them adapt themselves along the way.  Help your people focus more on the essence of their job by optimizing processes with AI. The possibilities are endless and completely adaptable to your needs.

How can AI and BI help my company?

How AI & BI affect today's world

BI, bots and artificial intelligence are already proving their use in different industries today, going from banking, smart cities, public transportation, health care, education, retail and more. The sky seems to be the limit! Discover how AI affects businesses today.

Chatbots for customer service & human assistance

Bots & AI & BI SII BelgiumRetailers avoid busy lines of phone calls by providing a (chat)bot on the website to answer to frequently asked questions that people might have. Chatbots understand natural language and help you perform tasks. The most known example is Siri, where she performs the tasks you ask her to do.



Recommendation engine in retail

Bots & AI & BI SII Belgium 2Have you ever been in a situation where you want to buy a product online and you receive recommendations of what goes with it and what other alternatives may be? The retail industry uses data to personalize your shopping experience (and by extent, also your shopping cart) and increase sales.



Automated tagging & classification

ai tagging

Instead of a human tagging every single document and wasting a lot of time. you can train a bot with machine learning to do this based on the content. Jobat tags the vacancies automatically and the classification tool puts the vacancies immediately in the right category. In this way, when people on the website filter on certain jobs.






Automation with AI & BI helps you save time

Automation is the key to relieve the burden of your employees. You can hand over the execution of simple tasks to a bot. This will make your employees save a large amount of time. A bot helps the user without any human intervention on the other side. If the chatbot is well developed and well trained, he can save you a lot of time. Retailers use chatbots to provide extra service to their customers and to relieve the contact center employees from numerous unneccesary calls. SII Belgium builds (chat)bots according to your needs and trains them to get the best results. Automating certain tasks have proven their use at numerous of our clients such as Jobat, Skeyes and more.

Discover the endless AI possibilities with SII Belgium

The possibilities with AI, business intelligence, data management, Machine Learning and bots are endless. It seems like the sky is the limit with AI for the years to come. It can be applied to any industry, but we see that the retail, banking, health and manufacturing industry are most investing in AI.  SII Belgium helps you in developing bots according to your objectives and train them to achieve the best possible results. Interested in finding how AI can help your business processes? We've got quite some interesting cases we'd love to share with you over a cup of coffee!

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