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Created in 1979, the SII Group aims to support companies in the integration of new technologies and innovation management methods, to develop their information systems, and contribute to the development of their future products or services.

Thanks to our decentralized organization based on empowerment and the ability to undertake business, the SII Group has deployed on more than 80 sites spread over 4 continents. By relying on our teams of nearly 10,000 engineers worldwide, we offer skills in both Digital Service and Engineering to drive the transformation of many sectors of the economy.

In this market dominated by changing uses, SII is a benchmark player to support these digital developments. Our constant growth shows our commitment to the satisfaction of all our customers, with a sustainable approach.

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Since the start of its deployment in September, and even more so in this context of crisis, the new managerial organisation put in place has been a real asset for the coordination of teams and the further development of synergies. As a major player in the engineering business lines, the SII Group operates in a sector that has shown its resilience and its essential role for the continuation of activities in many economic sectors.